Project Management

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Project Management

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1st– compulsory


I. Kioussopoulos, Professor at the University of Western Attica, Department of Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering

Aim and Objectives

Beyond the understanding of the fundamental concepts concerning project management, the aim of this course is the introduction of students to the methodologies, skills, tools and good practices of project management, especially in the area of geospatial technology projects.


Learning Objectives

After successfully completed this course, students should be able to:

  • Be familiar with the terms and the concepts related to project management and particularly with the understanding of economic, administrative, legislative, technical aspects of them.
  • Be aware of the internationally prevailing good practices of project management in the area of geospatial technologies.
  • Be aware of the related national and international legislation and regulations.
  • Be able to specify the general principles of project management into the geospatial technology projects.
  • Be able to manage efficiently with the collection, treatment, management, visualization and interpretation of natural and human environment geographic data.
  • Be able to productively collaborate with members of project management multidisciplinary teams.


Course Description

Fundamental terms and concepts related to project management, especially for engineers. Introduction to economics and administration. Methodologies and phases of a project. Feasibility study, scope definition and life cycle of a project. Work breakdown structure and work packages. Scheduling; Gantt chart and CPM/PERT included. Monitoring and control of a project. Quality control and risk management. Leadership, stakeholders and human resources. Financial and resources management. Software. Legislation and standards. International bodies/associations and certifications. Geospatial technology projects and R&D projects as a special case of projects. Geospatial case studies (collection, processing, interpretation and visualization of geographic information). [One-semester long student essay, on an individual basis].